Checkin Faro by Leonel Pereira

Published: 2019-11-22   Image Crédits : Expresso

Chef Leonel Pereira who holds a Michelin Star, Chef of the Year 2015 and winner of the 2019 Platinum Fork of the "Boa Cama Boa Mesa" guide, will open a new restaurant in Faro (Avenida da República, 40, Faro).

CHECKin Faro by Leonel Pereira is scheduled to open its doors at the end of January, with a 26-seat room and a terrace for 30 people. With a menu that will be a journey through the chef's career, where you can taste the classic and emblematic dishes of the award-winning chef. The restaurant will only serve dinner, and referring to the name of the restaurant the cards will be presented in the form of a boarding pass, is a way to invite customers to embark on a gastronomic trip for the best Portuguese products. All proposals will be guided by sustainability, seasonality and respect for the ingredients as is already the custom of the chef.

The CHECKin Faro by Leonel Pereira provides a “Tasting Menu” with six experiences, starting with “Alimada Mackerel, Brick Pringle and Yuzu Sauce”. Then it will be the “warm” salmon tartar with capers, celery rama and creamy squid and wasabi ”. This is followed by “Sautéed scallops, black Xerem and pennyroyal foam” and “Foie-Gras sauté Escalope with quince jam and shimeggi mushrooms”. The “Bísaro” Pork Cheek confitted with mashed sweet potato crushed ”precedes the dessert of“ Cardamom Mousse with Basil Ice Cream ”(€ 45).

CHECKin Faro's regular menu by Leonel Pereira has some “Little Cold Moments”, which include “Solid Gaspacho, Roasted Sardines and Cornbread” (€ 7.50), “Alimada Mackerel, Brick Pringle and Sauce” Yuzu ”, (€ 6.50). The letter is followed by a section of four “Small moments cooked in the Tacho”, which includes “Caldeirada da dia, new batinha and bread” (€ 12) and “Portuguese Tuna Loin, potatoes, onion, pickles and olives”. (€ 12.50).

In this new space of the capital of the Algarve, a trip to family memories is made with the “Little Treats of my Mother”. And they are presented the "Homemade eggs" revolted "with tomato and onion" (€ 6,50) and the "Tontas" potatoes sauteed in olive oil, garlic, tomato and pennyroyal (€ 7,50). The “Little Hot Moments” in addition to Foie-Gras and Scallops from the Tasting Menu also include “Golden Cod” (€ 6.50), in a reference to Elvas and “BT Egg Prawn Açorda” (€ 10.50).

Checkin Faro by Leonel Pereira specialties are three and start with “Black Pork Secret with Prawns and Pickles“ Portuguese Type ”(€ 13,50), continue with“ Confit Cod, Half Cured, Light Creamy Black Xerem (€ 14), and end with “Algarve Octopus cooked in olive oil and low-temperature garlic, potato migas with roasted tomatoes and pennyroyal” (€ 14.50). Finally, we can not forget the desserts: “Couscous with honey, orange blossom, natural yogurt cream and strawberry sauce” (€ 4.50) and “Cardamom Mousse and Basil Ice Cream” (€ 4, 50).



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