New concept futuristic 80m catamaran

Published: 2023-06-07   Image Crédits : Andy Waugh Yacht Design

The latest yacht concept from UK based Andy Waugh Yacht Design has been unveiled, the 80 meter Decadence catamaran. It is a concept inspired by the automotive and aeronautical industries, in which it integrates the essence of 1920s motorsport, but with a futuristic appearance.



Decadence has a beam of 30 meters and an internal volume of 5,000 GT, (approximately the same as a 120 meter superyacht). Her SWATH hull opens and you can see that there are endless opportunities for her interior layout.



Highlighting as an example the owner's large master suite with 20 meters wide, 30 meters long and a ceiling height of three meters. Crew quarters and technical areas will be installed on the sponsors and outer hulls so that the main hull is reserved for guests. Each deck has a fully enclosed outdoor area, which provides even greater privacy and protection from the weather elements.



The excessive beam aboard Decadence has been coupled with increased stability to operate in adverse weather conditions. Her design also has designated space for two 14 meter Skyline Yachts support boats, which can serve to transport passengers to shore if required.



In terms of performance, Decadence will be equipped with a radical propulsion system. Although the engines to be used were not identified, it is known that their combination with their elongated hulls will reduce energy consumption by about 30%, and the need for frequent refueling.



Until now it is not known when (or if) the Decadence will reach the oceans, but the company Andy Waugh Yacht Design founded in 2010, is currently working on another vessel of more than 100 meters for an American technology billionaire.



The project is currently in the engineering phase at the Dörries Yachts facility in Bremen, Germany. The project is expected to be delivered in 2025, and then we expect the beautiful Decadence to be built.



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