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Aircraft: Yes

Helicopters: Yes

Transfers: Yes

Logistics: Yes

Events: Yes

Tourist Circuits: Yes

Custom Aircraft Interiors: Yes

Inflight Dining: Yes


Private Jet, exclusive service!


Private Jet is the best solution for those who want to travel fast and privacy on leisure or business trips. Arrive quickly and safely to a private meeting or business meeting, without being conditioned by formalities and schedules.

Organize a private or cooperative event and provide a unique experience for your friends and guests. Take a scenic flight to delight yourself and yours with the magnificent aerial views that give you jet travel.

Make tours to enjoy the most of your leisure time and go to more and better tourist sites. Enjoy a dream vacation, with total privacy and without any worries.

Benefit from an exclusive service with the highest standards of exactitude and rigor, executed with total professionalism, competence and discretion.

Plan your trip to your liking by choosing destinations, schedules, tranfers, meals on board, interior finishes of the aircraft ... The rental of a jet is a personalized service, which will do everything to exceed all your expectations.


Private Jet, book here and you will receive the best proposal!


+ Easy - Direct access to the best and most qualified professionals.

+ Safe - We evaluate all phases of the services provided.

+ Economy - We guarantee the best quality / price ratio.


Fill out and submit the form. Take the opportunity to add all the necessary information (eg: location, conditions and preferences you find in the details above) and the direct contact number if you want to be contacted. Your request and your contacts will be forwarded to our Partner.

You will receive a proposal from our Partner for your approval. You must always confirm with Partner all conditions and costs of the service.


The service is the sole and total responsibility of the Partner. The agreed payment has to be made directly with the Partner.

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Subject to confirmation by Advertiser/ Partner. Direct payment with the Advertiser/ Partner.


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