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Night with Friends: Yes

Gastronomic Demonstration: Yes

Special Occasion: Yes

Birthday Party: Yes

Cocktail Party: Yes

Work Event: Yes

Gourmet Food: Yes

Theme Food: Yes


Personal Chef, we selected the most creative!


Personal chef is a professional at your disposal to prepare a special meal in the place that you choose and with whom you want, such as at home with family or friends, in company with colleagues and clients, in an event with guests ...

A professional who treats every detail, so that you can have a high quality meal prepared by a chef. He can provide the necessary utensils to make the dishes and also purchase the ingredients if you think it necessary.

It allows variety in the choice of menus, from the menus of tasting to the traditional food passing through themed menus. Ideal solution for those who like to try new foods and that does not dispense with the preparation of a professional.

Enjoy gastronomic experiences at the level of the best restaurants. A service that gives you all the privacy, comfort, exclusivity, convenience and flexibility you would not otherwise be able to achieve.


Personal Chef, schedule here and you will receive the best proposal!


+ Easy - Direct access to the best and most qualified professionals.

+ Safe - We evaluate all phases of the services provided.

+ Economy - We guarantee the best quality / price ratio.


Fill out and submit the form. Take the opportunity to add all the necessary information (eg: location, conditions and preferences you find in the details above) and the direct contact number if you want to be contacted. Your request and your contacts will be forwarded to our Partner.

You will receive a proposal from our Partner for your approval. You must always confirm with Partner all conditions and costs of the service.


The service is the sole and total responsibility of the Partner. The agreed payment has to be made directly with the Partner.

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Subject to confirmation by Advertiser/ Partner. Direct payment with the Advertiser/ Partner.


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