Best List of Wine in the World

Published: 2019-09-12   Image Crédits : The Yeatman Hotel

The World of Fine Wine magazine has awarded the Yeatman wine hotel the distinctions of "Best Regional Wine List in the World" "Best Regional Wine List in Europe", "3 Star Wine List" and "Jury Prize".

On 10 September, the day of the creation of the oldest demarcated and regulated region in the world, the Douro Region, the luxury hotel The Yeatman won for the first time the category of “Best Regional Wine List in the World” and saw the revalidation of the “Best Regional Wine Charter in Europe”, “3 Star Wine List” and “Jury Prize”.

The Yeatman Hotel's Wine List Wine Book has over 1500 references of which 97% are Portuguese wines. As if it were a time machine, the “Wine Book” has in its list several harvests, limited editions and special formats, dating back several years or even decades and perfectly portraying the profile of the current 105 National wine partners.

The Yeatman Hotel Director Jan-Erik Ringertz says: “It is a pride to receive this international distinction that consolidates our reputation and recognizes the seriousness, rigor and commitment with which teams work daily.”

The Yeatman Wine Director Beatriz Machado believes that “Together we have created the best anthology of wines in a country, with one goal: to demystify Portuguese wine, giving it the leading role it deserves”.

Following the evaluation of international wine experts, the award ceremony for the Best Wine Lists in the World took place in London on 10 September.



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