14 Carros clássicos mais bonitos de sempre

14 most beautiful classic cars ever

Any classic car enthusiast has his preferences in terms of the beauty of a classic, but there are classic cars that are unavoidably common to all tastes. In this list are the models cons...


yacht de luxo de 107 m com 7 decks

luxury yacht with 107 meters with 7 decks

The design team of the company Ludes Design Team announced the launch of its new concept, the 21st century ocean liner, with the name Ocean One (OI). The company has studios worldwide, from Florence and Monaco to New York. This LER +

3 Novos relógios da Bulgari

3 New Bulgari watches

The luxury brand Bulgari presents three new luxury watches and high jewelery, the one it named the Barocko collection. These pieces are inspired by the exuberance of the Baroque era of the 17...



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