Oris Big Crown Propilot X Calibre 115

Published: 2019-09-23   Image Crédits : Oris

Swiss luxury watch company Oris has just launched its latest model the Oris Big Crown Propilot X Caliber 115.

It is considered a “contemporary masterpiece”. Oris watchmakers it based on the Caliber 110 and imagined a fully skeletonized Oris movement, previously models were made that already showed some of their internal mechanism through a "window" on the dial. But in the case of the Oris Big Crown Propilot X Caliber 115 you can see all the internal movement of the watch, and fully appreciate all the movements of this magnificent luxury watch.

With a 10-day power reserve and Oris's unique non-linear power reserve indicator that indicates the time left to wind the watch. Caliber 115 is a mechanical manual winding movement, which consists of winding the entire spring by activating the single crown of the watch, the total of the rope has 10 days of march while in most mechanical watches its autonomy is two days.

This driving spring is wound into a single large drum that can be seen at the 12 o'clock position. The increasingly accurate power reserve indicator is displayed at the 3 o'clock position.
This watch reflects the true personality of Oris that manufactures only mechanical watches and this one is undoubtedly a "masterpiece" of contemporary watchmaking.

“For our 110th anniversary, we introduced the Oris Caliber 110, a limited edition watch with Oris-developed movement, 10-day power reserve, patented non-linear power reserve indicator and second dial.

This unique and innovative combination of complications became the foundation architecture for a series of flagship gauges that followed, up to Caliber 114, launched last year. Together these gauges have become the symbol of Oris, the creator of movements. ”



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