New super yacht from Lazzarini

Published: 2021-09-28   Image Crédits : Lazzarini

The Italian design studio founded by Pierpaolo Lazzarini comes to present yet another of its magnificent and imposing luxury yacht creations, which, as usual, make the dream for any mortal. The Lazzarini studio is synonymous with unusual concepts, both in the naval and automotive industries.



Their latest super yacht concept “Shape” this time doesn't feature the usual elaborate designs we've been used to in previous concepts, instead this concept features a sharper silhouette and incredibly clean lines. The silhouette of this luxury yacht is so different from the traditional design that it truly lives up to the name "Shape" as simple and striking as it is.



The Shape will have a length of 69 meters (226 feet), a draft of 3.90 meters (12.8 feet) and a beam of 9 meters (29.5 feet). It has a circular hole in the visually impressive superstructure, which serves no apparent purpose other than to beautify the luxurious yacht. There will be three decks, or floors, hidden in the superstructure, with suites on the first floor, a shared living room on the second and a command center on the third.



Because of the stylistic choice of putting a void inside the superstructure, the space in The Shape is diminished, but it pays off in terms of beauty. Still, there will still be room for a sizeable helipad, three smaller pools on the aft deck and a generously sized beach club. Maybe another glass-bottom pool, where people at the beach club would have an incredible view just by looking up.




The way used to move the yacht has not yet been specified, as well as the range or speed. Lazzarini imagines that The Shape will have solar panels on the deck, which would not be far-fetched to assume that this super yacht of the future would have hybrid or even entirely ecological propulsion.



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