New sailing catamaran 145 Eco Yacht of 44.1 m

Published: 2021-09-03  

Italian shipyard Wider and Pajot Custom Yachts have unveiled the new eco-friendly sailing catamaran model the 145 Eco Yacht of 44.1 m. 



The 145 Eco Yacht follows the guidelines of the 35.1-meter catamaran Pajot 115 Eco, which was received with some enthusiasm by the market, according to the builder.



Designed to be built in aluminum and carbon by project partner Wider, the 145 version will be superior in terms of volume, deck space and of course in performance compared to the Pajot 115 Eco Yacht.




This luxurious catamaran will be presented with the possibility of having more customization options, such as options in the rudder and kitchen positions, as well as various interior configurations, which may be to the taste of its future owners.



All catamarans, which will be built at the Ancona de Wider shipyard, will feature technical configurations of hybrid energy options.



Marc Pajot, said in relation to the new catamaran model: Marc Pajot, said in relation to the new catamaran model: “The synergy with what I have been developing with our Eco catamaran and the superyachts produced by Wider is exceptional. Adding leading edge hybrid power-train technology developed by Wider and their specialist technical partners and suppliers has created a unique yachting opportunity and experience”.



Marcello Maggi, CEO of Wider, added: “I am personally very excited about our partnership with Marc Pajot and his exceptionally talented team. Together we will build some spectacular Eco hybrid catamarans, setting a new benchmark on the oceans”.



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