Luxury Resort Melides

Published: 2019-12-17   Image Crédits : Jornal de Negócios

With an investment of around 25 million euros, the Turkish couple Falk Faik Yufkayürek and Sera Ozturk, planned and designed a luxury tourist resort near the Vale da Figueira in Melides.

We are talking about a luxury resort that will be implemented on a land of about 20 hectares, whose investment will be supported by the couple, with equity and bank financing, and the management of the resort will also be done by the couple's company. "Hiring people with industry experience," said Faik Yufkayürek.

According to the official, the project was expected to be inaugurated in 2021, but due to some delays related to the approval of some changes to the initial project.
Since in the original project only the construction of a hotel was foreseen, and in the alteration is contemplated the construction of “villas” and bungalows. Due to the delay of approximately 10 months in the approval of the alteration to the project, the works that should last between 18 and 24 months should only start next summer or fall. Thus, it is scheduled to be inaugurated for the year of 2022.

Faik Yufkayürek revealed that to date all the investment has been made with own capitals, and that for the construction phase, the couple will also have bank financing. "And hopefully, with Portugal 2020 funding."

In relation to the sale prices of the villas will be 1.375 million euros and the bungalows will cost between 450,000 and 850,000 euros.



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