Luxury hotel in Mendia Palace

Published: 2019-05-16   Image Crédits : Tiago Miranda

The international hotel chain Selina will transform the Mendia Palace, in the São Bento area of Lisbon, into a luxury hotel that will open its doors in early 2020.

The palace, which occupies a whole block and was owned by the Mendia family, was sold to the Selina group whose founders are of Israeli origin, to be converted into a boutique hotel. With a total investment of 13 million Euros from the acquisition to the recovery works.

Selina is one of the brands in her fastest growing business area in the world. Founded in 2015, Selina currently operates in more than 40 cities in 13 countries in Central and South America (Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru) and Europe (Portugal).

Teresa Moreira, responsible in Portugal for the Selina group, states: "This will be our biggest investment in Portugal in 2019. We realize that the character of the palace is consistent with the kind of experiences we want to give our guests."



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