Lexus presents luxury yacht

Published: 2019-07-29   Image Crédits : Lexus

From the road to the sea, the luxury car brand will presents in the second half of this year a luxury yacht.

Based on the stylish and contemporary lines that are characteristic of Lexus cars, the brand is poised to launch a luxury yacht the LY 650.

It is a luxury yacht with a total length of 65 feet and 19 feet wide, the new Lexus yacht has a sporty and elegant style, characterized by a strong and pronounced bow and the sharp curves on the deck and hips of the stern. The roof follows the elegant line on the ascent and descent, flowing to the wide and upward hips of the rear.

Shigeki Tomoyamao Executive Vice President of Lexus stated that building this yacht was fulfilling a desire to "present a vision of dream and luxury in which the yacht expands the potential of Lexus's mobility to the ocean."



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