Largest super yacht is a luxury condominium

Published: 2021-07-06  

It's called Somnio and it's the first "Yacht Liner" in the world. It was designed to combine the very best that can be found in a superyacht with the services and amenities of the best luxury hotels in the world. This luxury “floating condo” is not only the world's first residential yacht, but also the largest superyacht both in length and volume, it will be 222 meters (728 feet) long and have a gross tonnage of 33,500 GT.



This precursor project, with a construction cost, of approximately €505 million (US$600 million). It was designed by Winch Design in partnership with Tillberg Design and will be built by the Vard shipyard in Norway under the watchful eye of Somnio co-founder Captain Erik Bredhe. Environmental sustainability is the main focus of Somnio, which is being built with the latest eco-engine technology and advanced onboard equipment to help marine scientists and specialists conduct research in oceanic environments.



Each exclusive condominium will be priced starting at €9.44 million ($11.2 million). Sales are only available by invitation or referral, and the identity of each new owner will be "in the secret of the Gods". In addition to this privacy, those on board will live in the highest luxury, with all the conditions of a dream life where world-class medical care will also be available to keep the crew and residents safe and healthy.



Each apartment is fully customizable and can be equipped with multiple cabins, in addition to a well-equipped kitchen, gym, library and closet, as well as indoor and outdoor dining spaces.



As a luxury “floating condo” the Somnio's onboard amenities will include a magnificent 10,000-bottle wine cellar and a tasting room. Several restaurants and bars and a beach club with water sports facilities. A lounge at the bow of the ship will provide spectacular views.



Naturally, there is a full concierge service to meet the needs of land and sea owners. As for exploration, Somnio is equipped to travel to the four corners of the globe.



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