First car in Portugal

Published: 2019-10-11   Image Crédits : ACP

It was 124 years ago on October 11, 1895 that the first car arrived in Portugal. More specifically to Santiago do Cacém in the district of Setúbal.

According to History Channel, it would have arrived at the port of Lisbon a few days earlier from Paris.

The car was a Panhard-Levassor, which a young rural aristocrat by his name, D. Jorge de Avillez, a native of that village, today the Alentejo coast city, ordered from Paris.

The same source says that the car, after arriving at the Tagus by boat, was put to work, thus starting the first car trip on Portuguese roads.

What today is a classic car, was at the time subject of discussion in several nuclei of the Portuguese population, as it reached an average speed of 15 kilometers per hour, which for some enthusiasts provoked a genuine fascination, even in the most serious caused a real dread, given the complete ignorance of this new means of transport.



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