Eneko Atxa opens Eneko Lisboa

Published: 2019-09-19  

The Penha Longa Resort will open, this month, two new restaurants outside its hotel unit. Eneko Lisboa and Basque, the concept arrives at the hands of Chef Eneko Atxa who currently has five Michelin stars, three of them at its luxurious restaurant Azurmendi, which is in 14th place in the list of "World's 50 Best Restaurants", and has twice been considered the most sustainable restaurant in the world the last time in 2018.

Chef Eneko Atxa brings to Lisbon through Eneko Lisboa the same philosophy that he applies to Azurmendi in the Basque Country, which in addition to sustainability is characterized by a more fine dining offering but in this case with Portuguese products.

In Basque is a different concept since it is intended to recreate the ambience of a Basque tasca with dishes sharing for example. As Chef Eneko Atxa said; “You'll have charcoal-baked stuff, things you can find in bars like anchovies and gilda [a traditional tapa with piparra, local green pepper, anchovies and olives], local wines like Txacoli. We want it to be a party, without protocols. "

Eneko Atxa is a hugely successful chef in Spain due to his extraordinary rise in the world of fine dining. In the first year of life of his restaurant Azurmendi earned the first Michelin star and the next two years one each year. It was the restaurant that had the most significant rise in the "World's 50 Best Restaurants" rating where it rose from 43rd place in 2018 to 14th this year.

Eneko Atxa is the second great Spanish cook to choose our country to present us with his cuisine. The first was last year Eneko's renowned chef mentor Chef Martín Berasategui who opened his luxurious Fifty Seconds restaurant on top of the old Vasco da Gama Tower.



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