8 Most Expensive New Cars

Published: 2019-10-29   Image Crédits : Rolls-Royce

This is the list of the 8 most expensive new luxury cars ever.

First comes the Bugatti La Voiture Noire presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 as the most expensive new car ever worth 11 Million Euros, taking into account that taxes are still added to this figure.

Second is Rolls-Royce Sweptail with a cost of 11.3 Million Euros, as we know it is technically more expensive than La Voiture Noire, the problem is that Rolls-Royce has never officially confirmed the value of its Sweptail. 

Third we present the Maybach Exelero was just a model produced in 2004 and was an order made by the Fula brand, a tire house, a Goodyear subsidiary, to Maybach. Its price is 7 Million Euros.

Fourth comes Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita from this car were produced only three copies. This machine has some features that justify its cost beyond top-notch Koenigsegg engineering with the 1000-horsepower 4.8-liter V8 engine, as well as a bodywork that blends such exotic and different materials with diamonds and fiber. carbon. Its cost is 4.2 Million Euros.

Next comes the Lamborghini Veneno, out of this beautiful example only 14 units were produced that were sold almost immediately, even though it is the most expensive Lamborghini ever. With 740 hp and 610 Nm of maximum torque extracted from the 6.5 V12 engine. And it costs as much as 4 Million Euros.

The sixth place is occupied by W Motors Lykan Hypersport, presented in 2013 this model besides being fast was also eccentric, because inside it had 420 diamonds set in the cabin, just to give that special touch… in terms of engine had a motor with 3.7 l six-cylinder (flat-six) with more than 740 hp and 900 Nm of maximum torque. Its price is 3 Million Euros.

In seventh place we have Bugatti Chiron Sport, it was the feel of the Geneva show last year with the price of 2.9 Million Euros.

In the eighth place comes the Aston Martin Valkyrie, this sporty hyper was another of the sensations of the 2019 Geneva show. Only 150 units will be produced and all are sold. Its value is around 2.8 Million Euros.



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