3 New Bulgari watches

Published: 2020-12-29   Image Crédits : Bulgari

The luxury brand Bulgari presents three new luxury watches and high jewelery, the one it named the Barocko collection. These pieces are inspired by the exuberance of the Baroque era of the 17th and 18th centuries in the Roman Empire.

Both jewelry and watches are of equal importance in Bulgari, so in the last decade, it has become a tradition for the luxury brand that all high jewelery collections have matching luxury watches. The creation of high jewelery pieces alone is a challenge even for the most talented goldsmith or gem cutter. If we associate the process of haute horlogerie we would say that it is to duplicate the difficulties but also the magnitude and beauty. And in this challenge, Bulgari is able to combine the experience of its jewelry workshops with the rigorous precision of its Swiss watchmaking workshops, always obtaining magnificent results.

This Bulgari collection was inspired by the sense of magnificence and opulence that was seen in the great works of the Baroque era. Fundamentally characterized by vibrant colors, arabesques and cornucopias that embellish the churches and monuments of that era. It is all this beauty that has been transposed into these luxurious pieces of jewelery / watchmaking made with sumptuous metals, studded with splendid precious stones.

Bulgari Lady Arabesque Secret Watch

The secret Lady Arabesque watch is the result of the impressive combination of jewelery and watchmaking. The bracelet is composed of swirling rose gold arabesques that imitate the rich texture of the lace. The voluptuous forms of gold that are wrapped in brightly colored gemstones, include 30 carats of pink sapphires, emeralds, blue tourmalines, and 13 carats of diamonds. This spectacular 14 mm bracelet watch is powered by a quartz movement and comes with a Lady Arabesque necklace to complete.

Bulgari Octo Roma Arabesque

This watch is also in the Arabesque form of Baroque architecture, the dial cover in 18-carat pink gold is inlaid with extravagant pink sapphires and Paraiba tourmalines, round emeralds and diamonds. The 44 mm watch is powered by the brand's extra-thin skeleton tourbillon, combined with an elegant green crocodile leather strap.

Bulgari Serpenti Misteriosi Secret Watch

This is one of the most complex pieces in the Barocko collection, which is equivalent to more than 2,300 hours of work until its completion. The design is a tribute to “Perla Scaramazza”, which is an irregular natural pearl appreciated for its unique and imperfect shape. The harmonious Serpenti is made with alternating diamond spirals and rows of pearls. Each gem was carefully selected so that the color and size match perfectly. This 30 mm watch is powered by a quartz movement and finished off with a rare emerald of over 12 carats that hides the diamond dial.



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