«Dinner with 4 Hands» in Astoria

Published: 2019-05-01   Image Crédits : Astória

It will happen on the 10th of May, in the Astoria restaurant of the InterContinental Porto Hotel - Palácio das Cardosas, a four-handed dinner; Chef Paulo Leite will receive his godfather and mentor Chef Joachim Koerper. They will prepare together a special dinner in which the colors and textures join the flavors to make the perfect combination.

Chef Paulo Leite host restaurant Astória and Chef Joachim Koerper restaurant Eleven share the same philosophy in the kitchen, where they only use fresh and natural products and work with creativity and art.

They will make a dinner with four hands and together give imagination to surprise the most demanding and exquisite palates.

The menu is inspired by the modern cuisine, and to start the dinner we have as entrees: Terrin de foie-gras, carrot and Port. Followed by the unmistakable and unique flavors of the sea with braised crayfish, almond mouse and emulsion of olive oil and parsley, and Hake with bivalve rice.

As main dishes of fish will be the Lavagante, baroa ravioli, black truffle and crustacean sauce. As a meat dish you can enjoy matured beef, beet puree and morilles.

To end with the golden key and sweeten the palates of the presents the Chefs will prepare Tangerine & Chocolate as dessert.

While enjoying this four-hands dinner, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Allies.



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